Your wedding film will include professional video and audio captured on your wedding day. Your final film will combine footage, music and editing to create a “movie like” experience. Final delivery will be in HD format on a flash drive and/or digital download. Through extensive post-wedding editing, we’ll not only preserve your memories, we’ll also display your wedding film in an artistic elegant fashion that you’ll want to relive over and over again!

Wedding Films –

Highlight Film | $3800
4 – 5 minute Cinematic style film, up to 8 consecutive hours on location filming

Short Film | $4600
8 – 10 minute Cinematic style film, up to 8 consecutive hours on location filming

Feature Film | $5400
12 – 15 minute Cinematic style film, up to 8 consecutive hours on location filming

Wedding Film Enhancements –

Theatrical style trailer film | $300
One minute theatrical style trailer film, great for sharing on Facebook and Instagram.

Doc edit of the full wedding ceremony | $600
Multi camera coverage of the full wedding ceremony from start to finish.

Doc edit of the full reception toasts | $400
Multi camera coverage of the full reception toasts from start to finish.

Doc edit of the first dance(s) | $200
Multi camera coverage of the full first dance(s) from start to finish.

RAW footage | $600
All of the audio and video files that were captured during the day.

Rehearsal dinner coverage | $1200
2 hours on location, footage to be used in either the final film or doc edit of the speeches.

Additional hours of coverage | $400/hr.
Additional custom USB drives | $100/ea.
Custom Blu-ray or custom DVD | $500 for the first one, $65/ea. for additional copies.
Destination wedding coverage | Custom Quote

Documentary vs. Cinematic –

A documentary style video, or a documentary style edit is essentially a play-by-play video of your wedding day or a part of your wedding day. This is not a creative video with cool camera shots, voice overs and music but rather the real events as they unfold. Our documentary edits typically consist of multiple clean and steady camera angles synced with clear audio. Think of a documentary edit as watching the event unfold as if you were sitting there enjoying it live. Actually better because you have nice close shots and audio captured directly from the subject(s). If your ceremony runs one hour you can expect your ceremony doc edit video to be approximately one hour, if your first dance lasted three minutes your doc edit first dance video will be approximately three minutes long. Below is a link to a short clip from a wedding ceremony “doc edit” that we filmed and edited to give you a better idea of what a documentary style edit looks like.  LEXI AND BRANDON’S VOWS

Cinematic style wedding films are like watching a short Hollywood movie where the bride and groom are the stars, the families and bridal party are the supporting cast and the venue(s) are the set. These films don’t just document the day, they tell the story of the day and how it came about. These are the wedding films that complete strangers will watch from start to finish, laugh, cry and share with friends because they connected with the story and fell in love with the couple. If you’re thinking this sounds a little too obtrusive for your wedding day let me put your mind at ease… we constantly get feedback from past clients saying that they didn’t even notice us being there on their wedding day and after seeing their final film they were completely blown away at the candid moments we were able to capture. Just as important as creative visuals are we are always looking for good dialect that will tell your story and make your film unique. We love to use dialect from the morning preparations, card readings, toasts and vows to use as voice overs mixed with a well thought out music track that fits the couple and the scenes being displayed. In comparison to filming a documentary style wedding film, cinematic wedding films require a lot more time and effort in post-production and therefore priced accordingly. We understand that a wedding day isn’t a movie set and for that reason we always try to be as unobtrusive as possible. We never want to be the center of attention or remembered as the people who filmed your wedding day… rather the people who created your beautiful film.

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